6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Blinds

Are Your Window Blinds Looking a Bit Shabby?

Window blinds aren’t meant to last forever, although high-quality, customized blinds can certainly enjoy a long life. Depending on the type and quality of your blinds, you might need to replace them every few years. Alternatively, they might last seven to eight years before it’s time to think about swapping them out. Consider the following six signs it’s time to replace your blinds.

1: Compromised Function

One of the top reasons why homeowners decide it’s time to invest in new blinds is when their current blinds are no longer working as they should. Your blinds should be easy to open and close, and to pull up or let down. If their function is comprised, it’s time for an upgrade.

2: Discoloration

Over time, blinds can become yellowed or otherwise discolored. This is often due to prolonged sun exposure. Indoor pollutants (e.g. smoke) can also discolor your window treatments. If your blinds are turning yellowish or dingy, and the problem isn’t fixable with a good cleaning, then it’s time to invest in new blinds.

3: Warped or Bent Slats

One of the most common reasons why homeowners decide to upgrade to new blinds is when the slats of their current blinds become warped or bent. Blind slats may also break off entirely.

4: Failure to Close Tightly

When you adjust the tilt mechanism to close the slats, do your blinds still block out a significant amount of light? The tilt mechanism can become worn out over time. If your blinds are getting elderly, then they may fail to close tightly. 

5: Unsafe for Kids

Older styles of blinds can be unsafe for kids and even some pets. If you still have blinds with exposed cords in your home and you’re expecting a bundle of joy, it’s time to upgrade to a safer, more modern option.

6: Out of Style

Even if your blinds still function and look as they should, they may have gone out of style, in which case it’s time for an upgrade. Or, you might decide to update your blinds after renovating the rest of your home.

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