Closet Organization

While we are working with our clients, the topic of closet decor usually comes up in conversation. Most home owners aren't aware of this, but an organized closet can be a constant source of empowerment and relaxation.

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Feel completely Move-in-Ready with our closet organization

Your Days of Messy Closets Are Just About Over

Experts agree that a disorderly home leads to increased stress in your life. A cluttered closet:

  1. Makes it difficult to relax.
  2. Constantly tells your brain that your work is never done.
  3. Leads to anxiety.
  4. Creates negative feelings of guilt or even embarrassment.
  5. Reduces need for psych meds 

While we are working with our clients, the topic of closet decor usually comes up in conversation. Most home owners aren’t aware of this, but an organized closet can be a constant source of empowerment and relaxation.

If you let us organize and complete your closet space, we can fight the mess together.

Trusted Locally for More Than 30 Years

Businesses and home owners trust us to cover their windows.


Strong & High-Quality Craftsmanship

If you’re a handy kind of person, you can DIY your closets to success. However, we can help you save so much hassle by finishing out your closets in a fraction of the time.

Choose from variety of:

  • Styles to match your rooms
  • Colors (from white to black and everything in between)
  • Material (wire, wood, etc.)

We Do Garages, Too!

Once we finish with our closets, we can gladly walk down the hall and continue organizing your entire garage. Our garage systems are second to none.

Our garage shelving is extremely durable and heavy duty, handling up to 150 pounds for every two feet of shelving. When it comes to storing heavy items in your garage year-round, we would love to give you a free estimate!

We Beat Our Competitors Every Time

Costly Consultants

With a consultant, you will:

  • Pay more
  • Risk getting a low-quality product
  • Run into hidden costs that we don’t charge for

Big Box Stores

At these stores, you will:

  • Pay for costly DIY mistakes
  • Never talk to an expert
  • Waste time that you could spend with family

Overpriced Retailers

With other decor retailers, you:

  • Pay more
  • Be unable to work directly with the manufacturer
  • Find hidden costs we don’t charge for


How We Save You Time

Some home owners hire another home organization consultant to organize their closets. We can save you time and money by bundling our professional, no-nonsense services. We can include your closets in our first consultation meeting, saving you the time of finding an additional consultant to interview and hire.

Window decor, exterior enclosures and closet organization in one consultation meeting?


How We Lower Your Stress

Choosing your countertops or deciding on your lighting can be very stressful when you are building your own home (or renovating). The entire process can leave you feeling burnt out from all those decisions.

Working with us does not need to be stressful.

At WindowDecor we want to be a breath of fresh air making the process simple and easy.

We make the process as painless as possible by:

  • Working with you from first measurement to final installation
  • Offering expert advice every step of the way
  • Handling all warranty issues
  • Offering lifetime warranties on nearly all of our products
  • Helping you avoid hidden charges


“We did a whole-house remodel and used WindowDecor for our window treatments. We had Plantation Blinds put throughout the house. It was the best part of the remodel.”
Regina Cox
Louisville, KY
“WindowDecor installed the window coverings in our new house. They did a fantastic job. Their follow-up service was fantastic. I can definitely recommend this company!!”
Aleida van den Bergh
Jeffersontown, KY
“Fantastic experience on new construction, whole house window covering purchase. The pricing was very competitive, especially on shutters. Quote was provided quickly and all communication was very prompt. Install was quick and smooth with no mess. They returned promptly for minor adjustments I requested. Highly recommend!”
Danielle Carroll
Louisville, KY
“Our experience with Window Decor was wonderful from start to finish. Micaiah helped us pick out the perfect blinds and plantation shutters. From the initial measurements to the lead installer and his crew, everyone was extremely nice and professional. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Window Decor to anyone.”
Maurissa Young
Jeffersonville, IN