Must-Try Window Treatment Options for a Modern Home

Though still quite popular today, the modern home style was actually developed around the turn of the 20th century. If it’s like most modern homes, your house likely features clean lines, minimalist finishing touches, and neural or earthy colors. It’s an elegant and beautiful home style that lends itself well to stress-free, relaxing living. If you’re just moving into your modern home or you’re thinking of redecorating, it’s time to take a look at the top window treatment options for a modern home.

Preliminary Considerations

Before delving into your window treatment options for a modern home, consider whether you prefer each window to match. It really isn’t necessary for every single window in your home to have the same window coverings. However, it’s often a good idea to match treatments within the same room, and to have the same general style carried throughout the home.

Another issue to consider before you pick out window coverings is the function of each room. In the modern style, there is a common saying: “Form follows function.” That is, function is prioritized over aesthetics. Consider the amount of light that you want to let in or block for each room before choosing your treatments. For example, you may want to let in lots of light in a home office, but limit the amount of light in a living room for the purposes of watching TV without screen glare. Next, consider the degree of privacy you’ll want for each room when making your selections.

Lastly, it’s often thought that a window needs both blinds or shades and curtains or drapes. Yet, there are times when you might only want easily adjustable blinds or shades on certain windows. Consider only using blinds or shades if:

  • The view is incredible and you want to keep the focus on what’s outside.
  • The custom windows themselves are practically a work of art.
  • The windows are oddly shaped (opt for custom blinds or shades).
  • There is little natural light available for a room and you want to optimize it.

Window Blinds

You might think that all window blinds are pretty much the same, but there is actually a wide variety of options out there. You could opt for traditional white or off-white Venetian blinds with narrow slats if your window treatment budget is a concern. However, to get a more high-end look for your modern home, consider choosing window blinds with a wider slat. Slats are typically hung horizontally. If you want to create visual interest while still maintaining a minimalist, modern look, consider choosing blinds with vertical slats (called “vanes”) instead.

In certain rooms of your home, you may want privacy, yet still crave plenty of natural light. One great option for achieving both of these goals is to choose half-blinds. These window coverings will cover up the bottom half of your windows for privacy, while leaving the top half open to bring in plenty of sunshine.

Window Shades

If you don’t like the look of blinds for your modern home, window shades are an excellent alternative. These lack slats or vanes, and they are available in a range of styles. Roller shades are perfect for a minimalist, modern home, as they feature clean lines for an uncluttered, breezy look.

Another option is cellular shades, also called “honeycomb shades” because of their unobtrusive honeycomb pattern. Cellular shades will add visual interest thanks to their unique texture and pleating. However, you can still choose an earthy or neutral color to have them complement your modern home style.

Lastly, Roman shades are an excellent choice for a modern home because they add aesthetic appeal without being overbearing. Roman shades consist of solid panels of textured fabric that can be adjusted up or down.

Curtains and Drapes

People commonly use the terms “curtains” and “drapes” interchangeably. Yet, there are key differences. Drapes tend to puddle on the floor, while curtains tend to hang just past the bottom of the window. Drapes tend to be made out of heavy, luxurious fabric, while curtains tend to made from lighter fabrics. Either curtains or drapes may be patterned, but drapes tend to have a more formal look.

You could use either curtains or drapes—or both on different windows—for your modern home. Look for either solid colors or only minimalist patterns. Regarding the color palette, you could maintain a breezy, modern look for your home by choosing neutral or earthy colors. However, if you have a room with bright white walls, lightly colored furniture, and an overall light palette, you might consider choosing curtains or drapes in a bold black or midnight blue color to contrast with the rest of the room while still maintaining the modern style.

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