Why Should You Choose Custom Blinds?

Your home is likely your biggest investment. It’s a reflection of your style and your personality. And when you entertain guests, you want to feel proud that your home looks its best. One of the most visible features of your home is your window treatments. If your windows currently feature poorly fitting, unappealingly generic window blinds, it’s time for an upgrade. Read on to explore the many answers to the question, “Why should you choose custom blinds?”

 Your Blinds Will Fit Your Windows Perfectly

Window blinds that you buy at a big box store will never fit your windows perfectly. They only come in standard sizes, and this means they are likely to be too long or perhaps too short. Plus, the horizontal slats are likely to fall short of the width of the window. This means you aren’t able to precisely control the amount of light that enters the room. This is particularly problematic in bedrooms, as you’ll want to limit the amount of light as much as possible overnight and during the early morning hours.

Custom window treatments are different. Because they are custom-made specifically to fit your windows, you can trust that they will be exactly as long and wide as you need them to be.

You’ll Get Exactly the Right Colors and Patterns

Window blinds don’t usually have patterns, but they can indeed be made in a range of colors. Instead of the usual white or off-white Venetian blinds you can buy at a big box store, why not complement your home’s décor with elegant olive green, fiery red, stately brown, or luxurious burgundy blinds? Choosing blinds with color can give your home a more high-end look, and it will allow you to create a cohesive aesthetic for each room.

If you do opt for window shades instead of blinds, you could choose a pattern instead of a solid color. In fact, you could have virtually any pattern you want—from springtime florals to wallpaper-esque patterns—imprinted on your custom window shades.

You’ll Get Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

Standard window treatments might look fine at first blush. But after installing them, you might start to notice some flaws. Perhaps the hardware doesn’t quite work as it should, or perhaps some of the slats look a bit crooked. This is just one more reason to choose custom window blinds made by design professionals. When you choose to buy custom window blinds or shades, you can rest assured that you’ll receive nothing less than the best possible quality and craftsmanship.

You’ll Likely Save Money in the Long Run

Although custom blinds can indeed be more of an investment than standard window treatments, it’s quite likely that you’ll actually save money in the long run. In part, this is due to the higher quality and better craftsmanship of custom window coverings. Since they will last much longer, you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Plus, since the design will be exactly what you want, you won’t want to renovate your window treatments for many years to come. In short, choosing custom window blinds or shades is a smart investment in the look and personality of your home.

Your Custom Window Blinds and Shades Await You

In the Indianapolis area, homeowners trust WindowDecor because our design experts take the time to truly get to know each client’s style, aesthetic preferences, and functional requirements. We’ll get to know you during your free design consultation before crafting the custom blinds or shades that will bring your home to a new level of elegance. Call our friendly team at (502) 713-3535 to get started.